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 It’s almost Mother’s Day y’all - buckle up! It’s quite a ride, this day, and together, you and I…. we got this. Embrace this day filled with sticky hugs, school-made artwork and coupons for foot rubs and chores that will never be completed, meals cooked by novice chefs, and lots and lots of kind words. I dare you all to put aside the mom-guilt and the feelings of lacking that often flood our emotions, and embrace every sticky stitch of love that is shared. I double-dog dare you. Motherhood is not for the weak.

My Mom taught me how to get on a pool floatie without getting wet and that the prime “tanning” hours in a day are 10am-2pm (hey it was the 80’s - don’t judge). She taught me that the first one to fall asleep at a sleepover would be thrown into a cold shower to wake up, and that if you need a runaway car while toilet papering a friend’s house at midnight, she was the one for the job. Mom taught me that you don’t need anything fancy to host a bunch of teenagers and make them feel welcome - just loads of food, a comfortable place to “hang” and the non-judgment of a supervising adult. It was my mom who taught me that curfew was the one rule that I was to never break, that going overboard to help a stranger or friend was always the right thing to do, and when in doubt, ALWAYS buy way more food than you may possibly need when having guests over. More is always more.

From “Jean Jean the Cooking Machine” (AKA, my Mother in Law), I learned how to make pie crust from scratch, and the loving sacrifice it is to care for adult children with special needs.  From Kelle Stephens. I learned in my earliest years of motherhood how to make beautiful food, set a stunning table, and work a successful job outside the home. My only sister, Jamie, has taught me how to support my children’s activities...even when sports ain't my thang, and to push through even the greatest challenges in life. My sweet, irreverent girlfriends have helped shoulder the load of motherhood from the time of new babies all the way through the tricky teen and early adult years - how would a girl ever survive motherhood without all of the other mother’s in her life? It takes a village for absolute sure.

It’s a known fact that my Mom was a heckuva good time growing up.  But even more than fun, my mom taught me the greatest life lesson of all. To love deeply, no matter what. Love is the motivating factor behind all of the fun and shenanigans growing up. Love is what made my friends feel so welcome and so heard. Love is what got her through raising 4 teenagers after my Dad died when she was just 42. Love is what seeps out of her every pore as she smothers my kids in affection. Love is what anyone who comes in contact with my sweet mom feels. People tell me ALL of the time “I want to be your mom when I grow up!” - and I always respond with “Me too!!”, although I know this is an impossible task - she is irreplaceable.

To all of you Mothers out there - even those who don’t have children of your own, we salute you this day!  We see you, and we know with complete surety that the job you are doing is the most important job in the world. There is not one right way to do what you do - YOU are the perfect fit for your child or the people that you influence. YOU are meant for this, and through YOU others will be lifted and carried. Keep going - the world needs YOU right now.

And to my own Mom, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day. Let’s go play.

Love always,

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