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If you've been with us for a while now, you may remember our dear friend Jodi and the epic battle she fought against Ovarian Cancer. We are so happy to report, that as of today, she is clear of all cancer cells and in full recovery! We are so grateful for all of the prayers and positive energy on her behalf. 

This amazing news comes with more heartbreak, however. Just weeks after Jodi was given the great news about her own health, her husband Casey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer that is known to be terminal. It's all so much to take in, we know, and we feel as speechless as you may feel reading this.

This story isn't about sadness though. This story is about Jodi and Casey's 14-year-old daughter Olivia, and a beautiful blue-eyed puppy. These two were meant to be together! Rather than tell the story ourselves, we wanted Olivia to tell it in her very own words. Enjoy!

"My name is Olivia Smith. This is the story of how I got my dog! 

About Three years ago I moved to California and I really wanted to volunteer at the Marin Humane Society. I begged my parents, and my dad told me that his co-worker also worked at the humane society at the dog agility field. She said I could help her. I had no idea what dog agility was before I started volunteering but since the first day I found out I loved it! So I started saving my money for a dog that I could do dog agility with.

I did jobs for people to earn money and saved for about 2 years and I was getting close but I didn’t quite have enough. But one day when I got to the humane society they had planned an Olivia appreciation party for me. And they each had pitched in money for me! Because of how much they gave me I had enough money for a dog! I asked my mom if I could get one. But she was just diagnosed with cancer and we decided we should wait and see what happens with that before we get a dog. Nine months later we found out that she was cancer free! That meant I could start talking about getting a dog soon. But we found out a week later that my dad has a brain tumor. I thought for sure I would never get a dog. Because I didn’t know how long he would be dealing with his cancer. One day we were in Utah visiting my family and my dad said “Olivia, I’ve seen the light! You can get a dog” 

I was shocked I didn’t think he’d let me at this time but we hurried and texted Robin, and she helped me pick out a dog. Once we picked out the dog, we realized it was in Louisiana and I didn’t have enough money to travel that far! I was devastated that I wouldn’t be able to go and pick up my dog. Brittany and Chris Kurtz who own Do Good Be Kind found out and decided they would pay for mine and my mom’s plane ticket!

People living Do Good. Be Kind. are a big reason why I have my dog. Some examples are: 
My parents for letting me and planning the trip to go get her.
Everyone at the humane society when they donate the money.
Robin who I help at the humane society for helping with training and picking a dog.
Her parents for letting me stay at their house while in Louisiana.
Brittany and Chris Kurtz for paying for my plane ticket so I could go to pick up my dog. They also gave me a Do Good. Be Kind. hat to wear and stickers to give to people.
That was one of the best things about my trip was spreading kindness."

- Olivia Smith

We are deeply grateful for so many who have helped make this dream come true for one sweet girl who needs the love of a puppy now more than ever.  We Love and support this family and thank all of you who have shared your love as well!

Back in May, we created a special shirt in honor of Jodi and her last round of Chemo.  The shirt is turquoise, significant because it is the official color of Ovarian Cancer awareness.  We call this the "Jodi Warrior Shirt", because Jodi truly is a warrior. Today, she fights even harder for her family as she loves and cares for Casey through his own battle.  

View the Jodi Warrior Shirt Here

A portion of the profits from the sale of each shirt goes toward the Smith Family. Thank you for your contribution through the purchase of this special shirt!

If you are Interested in helping the Smith Family through a Go Fund Me, you can find their page here.  

Much love,
Chris, Brittany, and the DGBK Team

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  • Your Do Good Be Kind Campaign is awesome! Thank you for all the good and kind things you do!!! You light the world with your goodness.

    Vicki Ashton on

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