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I am a first generation Punjabi-American. I manage a restaurant in Oakland. I believe that you are always yourself, as in you are never not yourself. There’s just you at your worst and you at your best, and you should always strive to be you at your best. I am defined by my actions. 

I have overcome the stigmas, pressures, and definition of being a poor brown man. I find my strength in being warm and generous to other people. I love cooking for other people. I am so afraid of not living and enjoying my life. I am also afraid of the police haha. I admire strong, independent women of any color. My biggest struggle is not letting the world determine what I will do with my life. I have the privilege of deciding that for myself. 

The hardest thing to do is to remember that you are not alone. It can feel like the entire world is against you. Growing up it seemed like I had no options and no support. I was destined to become what my family expected from me or what society did. Instead, I found strength and unity in others, and that helped me find power and individuality in myself. By treating others with kindness I received so much kindness in return. By trying my best to do good for others and myself, I have received so much back. Everything you do in this life comes back to you, good or bad. So I have strived to live my life with the good. 

Love, Emu


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