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My name is Linnea, I am 16 years old, and I am part of the Leadership Class at San Marin High School. Recently, I helped organize a kindness week that will be followed by a Mental Health Awareness Week at my school. I felt like our school really needed this message when I saw that a letter went home to all of the parents about some of our fellow classmates that were disrupting the local businesses, along with an overall lack of respect toward others. I felt that my peers would benefit from the leadership group promoting kindness and inclusion, I just really wanted everyone to feel represented.

With a little help from Do Good. Be Kind., we decided to use their 5 pillars as an emphasis on each of the days of the week along with fun events, meet ups, and projects. 

Here’s what the week looked like…

Monday-Be kind to the world around you

We planted flowers on Earth Day in the garden,   

We started school wide art print that each student could participate in with their thumb print, and we had Kindness Gram sign ups.     

Kindness Gram= Students can send a KIND bar with a positive message to a friend of their choice.) 

Tuesday- Be kind to others 

Since it was National Picnic Day we gave away free food to everyone who showed up to the quad (donated by the leadership class) and had our school mascot go around handing out compliment cards to everyone that said things like "I am beautiful", "I am brave", "I am loved", "I am confident"…etc.

Wednesday- Be kind to yourself

Our French teacher Mr. More led a meditation in the garden. Students were also given the opportunity to write a letter of encouragement to their future self. Leadership is going to mail out the letters to those that participated at the end of the year when life gets stressful from testing (dead week) for self encouragement during a hard time. We want them to remember the person they were and the positivity they experienced during Kindness Week.

Thursday- Do Good 

Do Good. Be Kind. visited during lunch to pass out stickers, wristbands, and promote positivity. 

We had face painting, good vibes reaching out and talking to people, and we also delivered all of the Kindness Grams during 5thperiod. 

Friday- Be accountable

Show your reusable water bottle and we will hand out a sticker to everyone who is making an effort to live a more sustainable life. We will also be finishing up the earth print.

I am so surprised with the turn out that we have had for all of the events that we've had this week. It was fun to see everyone excited and happy. Over all I feel like this week has been a huge success and is a great lead into next week which is Mental Health Awareness Week. We are going to encourage everyone to reflect over the weekend, come to school Monday ready for a stress less week. I’m really happy that with the help of my leadership group, I was able to bring this positivity and awareness to my peers. Thank you to everyone who helped and participated!



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  • What a wonderful project to start and it will soon become part of other schools. Great job Linnea ! So proud of you and your team!

    Maria Michener on

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