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My father has always been an example of Do Good. Be Kind. - each and every day for as long as I can remember. It could literally be his personal mantra. Generosity comes as natural to him as breath. Always thoughtful. Always kind. Even now with a terminal illness looming he continues to be loving, kind, open, and consoling to all of us. Since he is a humble man he doesn’t feel that he has a story to tell, so I thought a good representation of how my dad lives Do Good. Be Kind. would be to share a few excerpts from some of the many cards he has received over the past months. He has such a positive impact on everyone that gets the opportunity to be a part of his life. He is truly amazing.

Retired Teacher: “I cannot think of anyone who has done more for the continual development and growth of local Catholic Education than you. Your example and leadership have encouraged others to step up as well and offer their skills and talent to the betterment of the school. You led the way, others followed, and the school thrives.”

Family Friend: “What a blessing you are in so many lives! There are people in this world who cause our hearts to warm instantly when we think of them. Charlie, You are that person.”

Business Associate: “The relationship with you and your team was never just business. All of us had a personal connection with you. We still remember Haven as the good old days – what isn’t to like about a quality product, created by hardworking, honest folks. It is about the connections we have with others that give life meaning and purpose. You took us under your wing and gave us your time so that we could grow personally and professionally.”

Personal friend, retired nun: “Charlie, you and God have always been good friends. You and Peg have loved others into being, raised marvelous children, thoughtful in every way, holy like the two of you.”

Nurse: “You truly touched my life and the lives of so many. God knew what he was doing when you entered the world!” One of the best soldiers for all His causes. Thank you for all your smiles and warm conversations.”

Local Business Owner: “I have always considered you one of the most well-respected business people I’ve known. It is not easy to be a successful businessman and earn the respect of your employees the way you have. I among many who admire the way you treat people in business, church and family.”

Nephew: I have been blessed by God to have an Uncle as wonderful as you have always been to me and all who have had the blessing of being in your life. I tell my sons and friends that my Uncle introduced me to fishing. It rejuvenates the soul & spirit. I will always be grateful to you for this special gift.”

Grandson: My wife often jokes with me, “You don’t have to live the same life as Pop.” While I agree that every life should be unique, I can only hope to be the same kind of man you have been all your life. I will always strive to maintain the same values and integrity you set for our family – which is most important.”

My father has taught me the power of loving kindness and gratitude. He ends each encounter in a positive, uplifting way and has a way of making you feel like a special worthy person. He has been my compelling moral compass. My hero. 


  • We celebrate our brothers life of love,kindness and compassion for family, friends and all that is good. He has touched so many lives here on earth and will always be with us in spirit and good memories.Jon’s best pal. Our Buzz Lite and Woody, what a pair! My St. Charles and Bro! What a legacy and inspiration he has given to this world. We are so blessed, thank you God!

    Jon and Dottie on

  • So profoundly true & beautiful Michelle…my hero too….Thankful for the Do Good Be Kind movement to carry his incredible legacy forward…Sending many prayers and much love for all who are grieving his earthly presence. May you all continue to feel his everlasting love and be comforted with moments of presence & peace.

    Cindy Butler on

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