#iamdogoodbekind - Wendy

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Hey there! I’m Wendy from sunny Arizona! I’m a wife, a mother to seven - counting my two sons-in-law (I think that’s how you say it!) and I have four gorgeous grandbabies. I’m a sister, daughter, and a friend, just to name a few. 

I know deep down in my soul that the reason we humans are here on the earth is to help one another. I know that God is our father which makes the rest of us brothers and sisters. I know that when we are lifting others our spirits are also being elevated.

When my husband was out of work for nearly a year, it was one of the hardest trials we’ve been through since getting together almost 30 years ago. Some of our darkest days happened in those eleven months. During that time we had to learn to accept service from others. We felt God's great LOVE for us through acts of KINDNESS. In turn, serving others was one of the main ways we coped. It allowed us to feel JOY & HOPE in the midst of that difficult time.

With every trial, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. So even though I don’t love all the hard stuff, I have learned to be grateful for it. I know it’s shaping me but into the person I am meant to be. 


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