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My name is Deanna and I own a business called Capitol Refrigeration. I have owned it for 33 years and it has been in business for 52.

My family and I first came across Do Good. Be Kind. through my sister who has the stickers on her car and has a Do Good. Be Kind. tee shirt that she wears. As soon as my family saw this message they all wanted to be a part of this amazing movement.  

Since then the Do Good. Be Kind message has filtered into my business. One of my employees, Shere, had the idea to implement Do Good. Be Kind days in the office. I thought it was an excellent idea so I bought shirts for all of our employees! As a group we have decided to have special Do Good. Be Kind. days where we all happily wear our shirts together on Mondays and Fridays.

It is really hard to be in a bad mood when you are wearing a shirt that says: DO GOOD. BE KIND!  It helps us see things from others perspective. When we put on our shirts the attitude in our work truly changes. At this point we now all have more than one shirt, so someone is always wearing one. Our family members are all starting to get shirts too! Do Good. Be Kind. has quickly became a way of life for us. We have stickers on our cars and on the back of our cell phones. One of our customers came in and asked us if this was our motto or company mission.  He said he loves coming to our store because it feels like a fun family. Several customers have inquired where they can get their own Do Good. Be kind. apparel! Our customers feel our staff truly lives the Do Good. Be Kind. message. The reason our customers feel this way is because our staff is ALWAYS going the extra mile for our customers, expressing patience with the elderly, and always showing compassion.  

We are targeting areas of need in our community and wearing our shirts when we do service projects. In June we will be feeding the homeless at a skate park and we will be representing the Do Good. Be Kind. message! Each of us have been stopped in the store, on walks, and today my shirt encouraged conversation at my doctors appointment. My Doctor immediately asked were I got the shirt and stated “In today's world we all should be wearing those shirts!” I absolutely agree!

We have 11 employees, and our Technicians enter on average 10 homes a day. I feel that my employees out in the community are making a noticeable difference every single day. Our office staff greets customers with a fresh positive attitude.  Many of our customers come in just to say Hi and see our office staff. The Do Good. Be Kind. movement is making a difference within my family, in my business, and for my staff here in Boise, Idaho!

WE are Do good. Be Kind.


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