World Kindness Day - November 13, 2018

We endorse kindness all year round,
but when World Kindness Day comes around, 
we really want to celebrate. 
For one entire day, let's drown out the hate, the negative, and the hurt. Let's fill social media, hearts, and lives with simple acts of kindness.
Send a note or post a kind word 
(a sticky note with a compliment at work or in the home does wonders to brighten a day)
Rake the leaves of a neighbor
Listen to a child's story without your phone in the room
Hold a door
Visit someone who rarely gets a visitor
Prepare a meal and share it with someone new
Lend a ride
Smile at a stranger
Our goal on this day is to gather 1,000 stories or posts with the hashtag #dogoodbekind
Ambitious? We think so too.
Will you join us?
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so that you can wear it proud on November 13!
10% of the proceeds for this shirt will go to the O.U.R. Foundation.
Learn more about what these heroes do HERE.

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