Virtual Assembly Packages (Select one)

Regular price $49.00

We now have an opportunity to provide something we have never before done, and we are stoked!

Introducing our Do Good. Be Kind. Virtual Assembly!

Classroom Virtual Assembly  $49 - Assembly only for one classroom.

Classroom Virtual Assembly PLUS  $99 - Assembly PLUS Pledge wristbands and stickers for each student (shipped to teacher for individual distribution).

School-wide Virtual Assembly  $499- purchased as a school package. Assemblies are divided and presented to each grade level at at time.  This package does not include pledge bands and stickers, but those items are available for teachers to purchase on an individual basis.

*Within 24 hours of purchase, you will get an email from us with a link to book your assembly and to schedule a call to get to know you and your classroom a bit before we present to you.

About our Virtual Assemblies:

We are now offering mini-assemblies that will be brought to you and your classrooms virtually. Same awesome message, same personal touch and presentation, same amazing presenter, NEW way of presenting!

We know you are all Zoom experts by now, so that won't be a problem. We are offering 3 different assembly packages that are a fraction of what our in-person assemblies cost - hoping to bring you a message of kindness, love, and HOPE as you bid farewell to your students for the year with uncertainties ahead. 

This LIVE Assembly is shared with individual classrooms or grade levels through Zoom technology. Our message is shared through the presentation of the book "A Most Remarkable Frog" written by our Founder Chris Kurtz. The pillars of Do Good. Be Kind. are then re-emphasized as he discusses the key elements of the book which are: 

Be Accountable

Do Good

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to others

Be kind to the world around you. 

The Do Good. Be Kind. Assembly is still interactive, compelling and meaningful as always!  Kids, Grab your favorite blanket and stuffie, put on some comfy pj's. Teachers, pour yourself something yummy, slip on your slippers, and let us share with your students a message that solidifies everything you have already been working so hard to embody in your classroom before life was turned upside down!

We love you and the work you are doing - it is truly so important! We are excited to be a part of your classroom as the year comes to a close in such an unusual way.  Thank you for inviting us in!

Do you want more information before you purchase? Please email our School Coordinator Adri Millett at for more information.